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Questions? At Northside Cutlery, we have answers! Please view our most frequently asked questions with answers below, or contact us today to find out  more about kitchen tools and knife sharpening services in Chicago.

Yes, we can! We offer knife sharpening services for all types of serrated and other knives.

We can sharpen any pair of scissors used in the kitchen or office. I am not currently accepting grooming scissors, shears for textiles, or manicure equipment.

Depending on which sharpening service you choose, the order size, and our current workload, we aim to have your knives ready the same day or the next day. If you choose our standard sharpening service, we can sharpen while you wait! Please allow adequate time for busy times of the year as well as big or complex orders, thank you!

They are just being postponed for a short time until we get settled! We plan to restart our delivery service soon with a dedicated day of the week for pick up in the morning, and drop off in the afternoon. Be on the lookout for information soon.

Both options leave the knife extremely sharp, the difference being there is a little more polish when using the stones. The whetstones are also more gentle on the knife and remove a bit less metal as opposed to our standard sharpening. This can increase the life of the knife over many sharpenings. We typically recommend the whetstone sharpening for Japanese knives as the steel is usually better suited for the whetstones.

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