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Whetstone sharpening

Utilizing traditional Japanese whetstones, we tailor service to your personal knife with speciality techniques.

Whetstone Sharpening

Wetstone Sharpening – $18

A highly desirable method of transforming dull blades back into powerful tools is utilizing a whetstone. A whetstone is essentially a rectangular block of stone that offers varying levels of grit used in sharpening knives.

Each whetstone provides a different use, as one is typically coarse and helps set the edge, while some are smooth and refined to polish the edge. However, specialized techniques are required to achieve the ideal edge, which can be challenging for those unfamiliar with the process.

Make Your Work in the Kitchen Easier With Northside Cutlery’s Japanese Whetstone Sharpening for Knives!

At Northside Cutlery, our hand sharpening service utilizes traditional Japanese whetstones for a more even finished product. Each blade will be carefully wielded with expert hands and finished against a the proper grit stone tailored for the knife’s use. Stop into our boutique kitchen store today, or give us a call at 773-270-5903 to book whetstone knife sharpening in Chicago. Please allow adequate time for hand sharpening services.

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