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Kitchen Tools and Professional
Knife Sharpening Services.

Giving Knives and the Foodies Who
Use Them a Fresh Edge in the Kitchen!

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Standard Knife Sharpening

One of the most essential tools in a kitchen? A properly sharpening blade! We never let a cook be without this necessity.

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Whetstone Sharpening

Utilizing traditional Japanese whetstones, we tailor service to your personal knife with speciality techniques.

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Stop wasting time with a dull pair of scissors by letting us restore them to their original condition.

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Specialty Knife Sharpening

Our seasoned kitchen tool experts can handle any knife, whether they have an unusual angle, bevel, or curve.

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Tip & Chip Repair

Normal wear and tear can take a toll on your favorite knife. You don’t have to discard it or use a damaged tool any longer!

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Thinning & Resurfacing

Our bladesmith can eliminate pitting and thickening, refurbishing your knife to create a more uniform surface.

About Northside Cutlery

Chicagoland’s Top Choice for Knife Sharpening Services and Premium Kitchen Tools Making Food Prep More Enjoyable for Everyone From Professional Chefs to Home Cooking Connoisseurs.

Basic Whetstone Sharpening Class

We know the importance of a sharp knife in the kitchen. It’s what makes cooking fun and makes you feel like a pro. But even with all that practice—and all those knives—you might still be wondering how to keep them as sharp as possible for as long as possible. We’ve got the answer: our class on knife sharpening!