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Speciality knives

Our seasoned kitchen tool experts can handle any knives, whether they have an unusual angle, bevel, or curve.

Speciality knives

Specialty Knife* Sharpening – $25*

While standard sharpening requires knowledge and skill, the process becomes even more challenging for specialty knives. Seasoned experts should handle blades that require special grinds crafted with unusual angles, bevels or curves.

Given that each specialty blade provides a specific purpose, a chef will not want to be in the midst of a recipe without every tool in top working order.

Nobody Sharpens Specialty Knives Like Northside Cutlery! Choose Us for Quality, Skill, and Experience!

At Northside Cutlery, we can efficiently service anything from a single bevel knife to a curved blade. Our experience lies not only with sharpening blades but also with using them in the kitchen and understanding their importance for impressive results. Visit our unique kitchen supply store today, or call us at 773-270-5903 for more information.

*Single Bevel knives and knives with special curves. **Depending on the condition of the knife.

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