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Standard knife sharpening

One of the most essential tools in a kitchen? A properly sharpening blade! We never let a cook be without this necessity.



For the best results in the kitchen, a chef must have a few necessities. One of the most crucial tools in a cook’s arsenal is a properly sharpened blade. For professional sharpening results, it requires experience and specialized knowledge to achieve optimal results.

When bringing a dull blade back to life, it’s critical to consider each knife’s specific task, and tailor the edges accordingly. The type of steel, blade thickness, and edge geometry combine to determine whether your results are next level.

The Best Way to Sharpen Your Knives? Let the “Sharp” Kitchen Pros at Northside Cutlery Do the Work With the Best Standard Knife Sharpening on the Northside!

At Northside Cutlery, we offer exceptional services and accept a variety of knife sizes.  Call us today at 773-270-5903 for more information, or come shop at our boutique kitchen supply and sharpening store while you wait!

*Depending on condition of the knife. This includes any knife small, large, and serrated included. Price may change if there are any chips, broken or bent tips, or other repairs to be made such as excessive rust.

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