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Thinning & Resurfacing

Our bladesmith can eliminate pitting and thickening, refurbishing your knife to create a more uniform surface.

Thinning & Resurfacing

Knife Thinning / Resurfacing* $10-$30

As professional chefs know, there are kitchen tools that are challenging to replace. If a particular blade has served a cook well, even if it’s become pitted or thickened, buying a replacement is just out of the question.

Fortunately, with a skilled bladesmith, nearly any knife can be brought back close to its original form through thinning and resurfacing. These services require expert-level knowledge, patience, and forward planning to fully restore a blade to its former glory.

To Keep Your Knife Performing at Its Absolute Best, When You Need Knife Thinning and / or Knife Resurfacing in Chicago, Choose Northside Cutlery!

At Northside Cutlery, our craftsman can utilize their expertise to reshape and thin a thickened edge and create a uniform surface across the entire blade. Due to the nature of the process, these services will require additional time to perform. Call us today at 773-270-5903 to book knife resurfacing and / or knife thinning in Chicago, or stop into our boutique kitchen supply and sharpening store!

*Depending on condition of knife.

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