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At Northside Cutlery, we take great care to tailor our sharpening to each knife, offering options from belt grinding to all hand sharpening on traditional whetstones. Before every job, we conduct a pre-sharpening consultation to review the knives and their condition. We always do our very best to leave the original finish on the knife, though as any good sharpener will tell you, some logos and details may become more faint.


No appointments are needed for our sharpening services. Just stop into the store anytime we are open and drop them off for sharpening.


We DO NOT offer “while you wait” sharpening services. We will do our best to have them finished same day (within a few hours) if we can. Otherwise, sharpening services are next day for the turnaround time.

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Standard knife sharpening $7

For the best results in the kitchen, a chef must have a few necessities. One of the most crucial tools in a cook’s arsenal is a properly sharpened blade.

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Whetstone sharpening $18

A highly desirable method of transforming dull blades back into powerful tools is utilizing a whetstone.

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Scissors $10

Nothing is as frustrating as a dull pair of scissors, and any worn blade can become more hazardous to use over time.

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Speciality knives $25

While standard sharpening requires knowledge and skill, the process becomes even more challenging for specialty knives.

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Tip and chip repair $5

A knife used regularly can experience wear and tear over the years that results in chips or tip deformation.

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Thinning & Resurfacing* $10-$30

As professional chefs know, there are kitchen tools that are challenging to replace.

Specialty Items

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Leatherworking Tools $10

Leather can be a challenging material to work with due to its tough and thick nature.

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Mandoline Blades $10

A handy tool in the preparation of a big meal is a mandoline blade.

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Tools $10

It’s not just chefs that can benefit from sharpening, but also those who utilize tools like wood chisels, for example.

Please note: We reserve the right to refuse any knife for sharpening. Please allow adequate time for sharpening and return of the knives.