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Stop wasting time with a dull pair of scissors by letting us restore them to their original condition.


Scissors* – $10

Nothing is as frustrating as a dull pair of scissors, and any worn blade can become more hazardous to use over time. Like knives, scissors must be sharp to be accurate and efficient tools.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to bring old scissors back to their original working order. As such, a versatile tool in the kitchen and office, always having precision scissors ready is essential.

Enjoy Easier Work With Sensational Scissor Sharpening Services in Chicago, Here at Northside Cutlery, Where Our Services Are a Cut Above the Rest!

At Northside Cutlery, we can accept any scissors needing sharpening for either the kitchen or office. Our knowledgeable staff can make your old shears new again while saving you money and time. Contact us today at 773-270-5903 for more information, or visit our boutique kitchen supply and sharpening store!

*Any pair of scissors used in the kitchen or office. I am not currently accepting grooming scissors, shears for textiles, or manicure equipment.

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