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Mandoline Blades

Mandoline Blades

Mandoline Blades – $10

A handy tool in the preparation of a big meal is a mandoline blade. Perfect for fine slicing, mandoline blades provide an efficient means of breaking up vegetables and other ingredients.

Just like with any other steel cutting instrument, the mandoline blade becomes dull over time. With many variations, these blades are difficult to sharpen.

Don’t Let a Dull Mandoline Get You Down! Choose Northside Cutlery for Mandoline Blade Sharpening in Chicago!

Fortunately, our knowledgeable staff at Northside Cutlery have extensive experience with all manner of mandoline blades. Contact us, and we’ll ensure every edge is ready for that next big cooking occasion.

Don’t risk working with a dull edge when presentation and efficiency matter. Call us today at 773-270-5903 to book mandoline blade sharpening in Chicago, or bring in your blades to our kitchen supply store for service!

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