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Tip and Chip Repair

Normal wear and tear can take a toll on your favorite knife. You don’t have to discard it or use a damaged tool any longer!

Tip and Chip Repair

Tip and Chip Repair – $5

A knife used regularly can experience wear and tear over the years that results in chips or tip deformation. With slight damage to the blade, not only does the tool become less versatile, but it also can become displeasing to look at.

Even with immense culinary skill, a chef’s cut, slice, mince, or chop is affected by the quality of the blade. However, before throwing out an old knife, consider having it repaired instead.

Don’t Get a Chip on Your Shoulder From a Chip in Your Favorite Knife! Let Our Knife Tip and Chip Repair Pros in Chicago Fix Your Kitchen Woes.

Here at Northside Cutlery, we can take care of those tip and chip issues, making them a thing of the past. Our services can help keep your kitchen tools in pristine working order for years to come. Stop in to drop off your damaged knives today, or give us a call at 773-270-5903 to book knife chip and tip repair in Chicago.

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